This is my entry for the Indie Game Squad Game Jam 192 and was created over 8 days.

The Theme was "When we were young"

When I was young there was nothing I loved more than spending my pocket money in the arcades. Therefore I have based the game around this memory from when I was young.

You play as 80's kid who is having a nightmare, he finds himself outside his house and has lost all his pocket money, you must guide him through a procedurally generated level made up of various rooms themed on old arcade games to find his lost pocket money. Once all pocket money has been found you can then find the final screen and enter the arcade to spend the hard earned money.

There are 2 difficulty levels easy mode has you collecting 3 coins, hard mode has you collecting 5 coins across a larger number of screens. There is also the option to turn on infinite lives like cheats from the old days.


Left - Left arrow

Right - Right arrow

Up - Up arrow

Down - Down arrow

Jump - Space Bar

Player can also be controlled using a game pad


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I manage to play your game and I got to say that it is advertised as it is of influence from the era of the 1980s, which reminds me of plat former games like Mario or Mega Man from the NES. However, there are a few suggestions for your game that of need to be address. The first is added a baseball bat or yo-yo as weapon to acquire and the last suggestion when landing on a moving log have the character move along with the log. I hope these suggestions would help your game.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to play my game. I did consider a yo yo as a weapon but am still undecided whether to add this or not. I am currently rewriting a lot of the game as this version was made for a game jam, in the new version the issue with the logs has been fixed. 

Fun theme of a game that evokes memories of childhood. :) 
Keep up the good work!