This is my entry for 60 minute Jam, a jam to make a game in just 1 hour.

This is my take on Breakout and Arkanoid games, move the bat around the circle using the A and D keys and destroy as many bricks as you can .

If you want to watch the  recording of the live stream where created this game checkout the video below

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AuthorFrozen Well Studios
Made withConstruct


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Richard this does not feel like a 1h game. I actually really love it and thinking in CW/CCW instead of Right/Left at such a fast pace really breaks my brain lol. GG

Got 74! Beat that! Congrats on having the only real game in this entire jam ;)

how the hell did you get 74 lmao


I am desperate for Richards respect and approval

Very nice! Good level of challenge mixed with easy to get started. I don't know what's wrong with my hand-eye-coordination these days lol... I eventually got in the groove of things. Well done!

Thanks marlin

Awesome job, would have never known it was made in an hour.

Thanks for that, yeh luckily nothing really went wrong in the hour or it would have been  completely different

So good Rich well done. so much better than my attempt.

cheers mate, think i may work on it some more as a mobile game. I look forward to playing yours

You will be massively disappointed LOL this was some of my all time worst work.  

I really enjoyed it

haha thanks. 

Looks good!