This is my entry to Game In Six Number 1 a 6 hour game jam

The Theme for the Jam was "Time"

Get as high a score as possible before the timer runs out.

Firing your gun costs time as does getting hit by enemies. You can gain timer by killing enemies.

The game is very unbalanced at the moment and tehrefore very easy(updates will follow)



left stick - move

A button - jump

B Button - Fire


Move - Arrows

Z -Jump

X -Fire


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Pretty good for a game done in 6 hours! Very clean. Player movement is satisfying! Very good! … Definitely easy, though. I found a spot and camped it. Just kept hitting my targets until my time eventually wore down.

cheers for playing, I hope to balance the difficulty better at some point

Deleted post

yeh, in 6 hours did what I could,  I do need to update it a bit, thanks for playing