This is my entry for the Kenney Jam 2020, The theme for the jam was 'Cursed'.

You play as a character from an endless runner game, you know the ones with the  hero that is cursed to only be able to run and never stop. 

In this game you hope to cure our hero by creating a spell that breaks the curse. You run around the level collecting the ingredients in the correct order(The order is displayed in the UI) and then depositing them one by one into the cauldron. Avoid all hazards and save out hero from a life of endless running.

The character is controlled using only 2 keys, one to change direction and one to jump.

All assets Used in the game are created by Kenney (Graphics, Sounds and Fonts)


X or Space - Jump

left ctrl or Z - Change Direction

Known Bugs

The sound isn't playing for some reason


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