1 Game 3 Devs 24hr challenge

3 devs make 1 game, Xanderwood has created the graphics which have been passed to me to create a game, I will then pass it to Mighty Jor to perform musical magic and add the sounds.

The clock started running when Xanderwood started creating graphics so now it's my turn to carry on as the countdown continues.

Here's the game that we created.

How To Play

You have to pull the levers to collect as many eggs as possible, shoot 10 enemies and a present is dropped for bonus points. Avoid enemies or shoot them,  if the enemies reach the bottom of the level they reappear at the top only this time they move faster. 

What Score can you get


Left - A

Right - D

Up - W

Down  - S

Jump - SPACE

Fire - Ctrl

You Tube Devlog

Graphics by


Music by

Mighty Jor


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So much fun to play and it gets harder and harder to longer you survive. Great job!!

Super epic game! Thanks for all your hard work! You knocked this out of the park.