This is my entry for the Moray Game Jam 2023, this is a 48hr in person game jam.

The theme was "The first line from a novel."

The Novel I chose was Blood Rites by JIm Butcher and the first line was "The building was on fire, and it wasn't my fault."

In game I made you play the role of a fireman who has to put out the fires in the burning building and get to the roof to put out one last large blaze.


Left : A or Left Arrow or d-pad left

Right B or Right Arrow or d-pad right

Up : W or Up arrow or d-pad up

Down : S or Down Arrow or d-pad down

Jump: N or gamepad A

Fire :  M or gamepad B or gamepad Right Trigger


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32 secs! Very cool entry! Now I'm kind of interested in reading the book too :)

Oh yeahhhhh? Try 31.

Challenge accepted!

43.3 seconds. :D

best time 43.8. such a streamlined game easy to understand! I can see that you are an award-winning dev! great work 10/10

Very well made game! Best time is 54.6 seconds! One thing that might make it a hair more interesting, especially with a timer in the game, is to have a couple little “powers” that might drop or are hidden through the level can can allow you to clear large amounts of fire at once. That might allow for a strategic use of those powers which can help reduce the time it takes to beat the level.

Regardless, excellent job!!

Oh yeahhhh? Try 31.

What a fun little game.

It has such a Donkey Kong feel to it. I really enjoyed playing it!