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Oxy-Generation is my teams submission for the Moray Game Jam 2018, the theme for this jam was "A World Without.....".

Our team consisted of myself, Binary Shred, Joseph and David

We Decided to go with A World Without Oxygen and make a side-scrolling SHMUP in the style of arcade classics Defender and Scramble.

The player is constantly losing oxygen and needs to shoot enemies to collect Oxygen bubble to allow them to get to the end of the level.

There is a boss battle at the end of the level with a Giant leaf firing sunflower.

This game was created over a period of 48 hours



up arrow  - move up

down arrow - move down

left arrow - move left

right arrow - move right

space- fire

Gamepads are also supported 


All coding done by myself and Joseph


All Artwork created by Binary Shred and David


Win64.zip 19 MB
Win32.zip 17 MB

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