This is my entry for the GBJAM8, it was made over 8 days.

The game is based on one of my favourite games from my childhood, jetpac. I have added some extra variety to it by the game not just being on the one screen.

There are currently 3 levels, but more will be added after the jam.

You fly around collecting the parts to your ship and then you need to access the underground area to fuel your ship


Left/Right - Arrow Keys

Fire - Space or X

Jetpack - z or up arrow


Assets Used

Palette: Space Haze by WildLeoKnight

Font: Gravity Pixel Font by John Watson

Music: 'Brink' by Joshua McLean.

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AuthorFrozen Well Studios
Made withConstruct


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Hi all right, I also make games using construct 2, congratulations, your game is very beautiful and fun, I was just sad because after all the work to build the rocket it will go away leaving the player abandoned on the planet, again I was very happy to know your work and I will follow you here on the itch, a big hug.

Thanks for taking the time to play, Yes poor little astronaut left abandoned by his rocket lol

very work your game was realy fun :)

Deleted post