This is my entry for Xander Jam 4, The theme for the jam was 'Opposites Attract'. I chose to make a game out of 2 different genres a cross between a casual farming game and a fighting game (opposites attracting to make one game). 

In the game you must try and make as much money as possible farming whilst defending yourself and your crops against space slugs that will try and eat you crops.

You can switch between farming mode and attack mode, Good luck


Move - Arrow Keys

Swap Between attack and farming modes - z

Attack / Farm - x

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorFrozen Well Studios
Made withConstruct
Tags16-bit, 2D, Arcade, Farming, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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Did you make the music? It rocks.

Can't take credit for that, music is not my strong point, think it was from a humble bundle

Very fun. I think it starts out a little too hard and a little tutorial would be nice, but I could see this being great if you fleshed it out. Great idea!

Thanks for playing, I may at some point extend the game as I had some other ideas

This is such a cool game, I have to admit I got a little confused with the buttons for having 1 for attack and 1 for farm would have been better, If there was more of a requirement to farm maybe to upgrade your weapon or by better weapons that would be awesome, also would be a killer multiplayer game.

Cheers for playing Tauheed, I had plans for upgrades and various  building just ran out of time. The controls will be getting changed after the votings ended, No idea why I made them more complicated than needed.