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Did you make the music? It rocks.

Can't take credit for that, music is not my strong point, think it was from a humble bundle

Very fun. I think it starts out a little too hard and a little tutorial would be nice, but I could see this being great if you fleshed it out. Great idea!

Thanks for playing, I may at some point extend the game as I had some other ideas

This is such a cool game, I have to admit I got a little confused with the buttons for having 1 for attack and 1 for farm would have been better, If there was more of a requirement to farm maybe to upgrade your weapon or by better weapons that would be awesome, also would be a killer multiplayer game.

Cheers for playing Tauheed, I had plans for upgrades and various  building just ran out of time. The controls will be getting changed after the votings ended, No idea why I made them more complicated than needed.